Whiplash Injuries On The Rise in Kingston WA

Whiplash Injuries On The Rise In Kingston WA

Whiplash Injuries On The Rise

Currently, statistics show that there are over 100,000 cases of whiplash resulting from fatal car crashes every year in Canada. These profound cases of whiplash and neck trauma evidently lead to significant chronic pain. There are also many cases of whiplash in Kingston WA.

Whiplash, resulting from a car accident results in time lost from work, and normal, daily activities. The simplest of tasks can become difficult. For example, daily schedules are delayed due to chronic pain. One simply can not function as they did beforehand. More often than not, car accident victims suffering from whiplash symptoms battle this for more than 8 weeks. The symptoms can last longer than this without proper treatment.

How To Find Relief In Kingston WA

In these instances, The Foundation Chiropractic can be the perfect choice for medicinal treatment to begin. Here, a team approach is utilized that offers the inclusion of alternative therapies. These techniques are applied in a way that secures a fast recovery for those suffering from whiplash injuries. Beginning one of the therapeutic treatments at Foundation Chiropractic will help an individual begin functioning free from pain once again.


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