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Patients often think they have allergies because they have “allergy” symptoms, but they have never been tested to identify what allergen, if any, could be causing the problem. All they know is that at various times of the year they get the typical allergy symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes and congestion, but there are other symptoms like chronic sinus infections, strep throat, asthma, eye infections, nasal polyps, chronic ear infections and migraine headaches that could also be caused by allergies in Kingston WA. Common skin ailments like hives and eczema are treated as chronic illnesses when they could be allergy driven.

AllerFocus™ gives practitioners the ability to allergy skin test patients, and offer options for theirs patients to become desensitized to the symptom causing allergens within 3 to 4 years. Contact us today for more information on the AllerFocus™ allergy testing and treatment options.


Allergy testing is made simple with FDA approved technology. One simple 15 minute test will identify 78 of the most common local airborne allergens. Additional positive and negative controls are also included in the test to demonstrate effectiveness.


Only the highest quality glycerinated extracts are used to ensure efficacious positives. Positives are easy to read, measure, and record. Possible patients eligible for allergy testing include those suffering from asthma, chronic cough, sinusitis, as well as allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis patients.


AllerFocus™ offers a Broad Spectrum Immunotherapy Compounded Pharmacy Product to deliver subcutaneous (shots). Patients receive SCIT therapy injections in the office at increasing doses either once or twice a week intervals until maintenance dose is achieved. SLIT therapy is self-administered by the patient at home after receiving the first dose in the office following the dosing schedule sent with the prescription.

Treatment Options in Kingston WA

Patients want long-term solutions to their allergies & asthma, not just symptomcontrol with "pharmacological management." AllerFocus™ immunotherapy options modify and desensitizes the immune systems response to the allergens over the long-term.

Allergy Shots

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy is effective treatment against airborne allergens, such as, pollen, dust and mold. Once the patient's allergies are confirmed from the skin testing, a minuscule amount of each allergen is injected into the patients arm which triggers the production of antibodies that can actually block allergy symptoms. The dose is gradually increased each week until eventually the patient can be exposed to the allergen without symptoms occurring.

Subcutanteous immunotherapy is covered under most major medical plans. It requires weekly or bi-weekly visits to your provider until the maintenance dose is reached then visits are on a monthly basis.

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