What Is A Structural Shift in Kingston WA?

Chiropractic Kingston WA Structural Shift

Is a perfect structure possible? While no one is structurally perfect, there is a normal healthy range. For example, we understand what a fever is because we know what the normal temperature is, or what constitutes high blood pressure because we are aware of the normal range. There are established normals everywhere we look, including gauges and warning indicators on the dashboard of your car that let you know when things are abnormal.

Our Kingston WA chiropractors don't expect anyone to have a 'perfect' structure. We have a realistic goal. However, once outside the normal structural range, your body must constantly fight against gravity and other forces. Standing, walking, running, and working all become more difficult than they should be. The result, over time, is damage to spinal bones, ligaments, discs, muscles, tendons, and more. You begin to feel discomfort because the body is damaged. This is the Structural Shift.

Our detailed approach In Kingston WA

Our approach is to address that Structural Shift, rather than address the discomfort. Our detailed approach will determine if you have a Structural Shift that is causing your secondary conditions and most of the time, that discomfort goes away during the process of correction.


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