Toe talk update …Day 4 healing fine

Toe talk update …Day 4 healing fine In Kingston WA

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Update on my toe fracture in Kingston WA. It was a vertical fracture, did I mention that? Ye-ow! I reduce the pain by keeping the foot elevated and icing 3-4 times for 20 min every day. I have been hobbling around trying to figure out the best way to walk. I got some crutches by the second day because weight bearing made the bones crunch and though it is taped I didn’t want to mess up the alignment. Dr. Banker tells me the first 72 hr are crucial to keeping it immobilized so the bone can knit together. By Monday night I was in significant pain so managed to borrow some crutches from a friend. I used both crutches on Tuesday and for the last two days, I am using one just to keep my weight off the toe.

Naturopathic Pain Relievers In Kingston WA

I erroneously thought I could “walk ” on the inside of my foot with the little toe flexed upwards like I had done numerous times with my ankle sprains: no, I was in pain with significant swelling if I tried to put weight on the toe. I have not taken any ibuprofen, only white willow bark, Boswellia, and turmeric, and as you can see the swelling is not that bad today. I do believe the herbs work just as well if not better than the NSAIDs.


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