Chronic Sciatica Pain & Natural Solutions in Kingston WA


Chronic Sciatica Pain & Natural Solutions in Kingston WA

What is sciatica and what causes it?

Sciatica in Kingston WA is a condition characterized by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is compromised of the lumbar nerve roots that exit the spine. Therefore causes of sciatica can be from multiple sources such as low back compression of discs to inflammation surrounding the sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain is something Kingston WA chiropractors can treat and get you back to pain-free.

3 common causes of sciatica in Kingston WA

  • PIRIFORMIS syndrome: this condition is characterized by the piriformis muscle spasms and since the sciatic nerve exits behind this muscle, it causes sciatica. This elicits irritation of pain fibers causing leg pain to the foot.
    • Natural solution for piriformis syndrome: massage therapy to release the piriformis muscle and home exercises to stabilize the joint where the piriformis muscle attaches to, such as the sacroiliac joint.
  • Repetitive TRAUMA to the lumbar spine:
    Trauma can be characterized by repetitive sitting, construction, lifting and bending, These motions put pressure on the lumbar joints and discs therefore putting pressure on the nerve plexus making up the sciatic nerve.

    • Natural solutions for lumbar compression and restrictions:
    • Decompression therapy to alleviate pressure off the lumbar discs and chiropractic therapy to mobilize the joints
  • Chronic INFLAMMATION: irritation surrounding the tendons and muscles around the pelvic joints may irritate soft tissue structures such as nerves and the sciatic nerve.
    • Natural solutions to chronic inflammation: Acupuncture has been utilized for many decades in many countries and it's considered alternative medicine even though it has been primary care in many other countries for centuries. Acupuncture helps with inflammation surrounding joints and helps increase circulation to damaged structures like the sciatic nerve. Acupuncture is highly successful in sciatic cases and helping patients get their activities of daily living back.

If you suffer from any form of lower back pain, sciatica, or leg pain please call Foundation Chiropractic for a consultation.

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