New Solutions to Knee Pain in Kingston WA

New Solutions to Knee Pain In Kingston WA

New Solutions to Knee Pain

As the years go by we put more and more miles on those weight-bearing joints we call KNEES. Wear and tear around any joint is called Osteoarthritis, and it can cause debilitating pain. When most people are faced with daily chronic knee pain in Kingston WA, they resort to pain medication to get through the day. Eventually the pain gets so severe and constant, we end up considering surgical interventions to end the misery.

Relief For Knee Pain In Kingston WA

There is a new solution, a natural way…. SUPARTZ, natural hyaluronic injections that allow the knee joint to breathe and allow the daily pressure to decrease surrounding the joint. To schedule a free consult with one of the doctors please feel free to call us at 360-297-0037. Most insurance including Medicare do cover these treatments.

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