DME Equipment in Kingston WA

DME Equipment in Kingston WA

DME Equipment in Kingston WA

What is DME equipment?

DME stands for durable medical equipment, and it can be used to assist a patient in recovering from an injury or it may help to decrease pain to better assist a patient in their activities of daily living. DME can range from lumbar bracing to cervical traction units and can range from correcting a patient's posture to taking pressure off a nerve from a disc herniation. Types of equipment classified as DME equipment include; tens units, knee bracing, extremity bracing, and supplies. If you are wondering if DME equipment in Kingston WA could help you in your daily life contact us today!

DME equipment at Foundation Chiropractic:

  • Lumbar Brace
  • Cervical traction units
  • TENS units
  • Elbow brace
  • Carpal tunnel bracing
  • Knee brace
  • Orthotics

Example of a patient that would fit the criteria for lumbar bracing: If lumbar bracing helps immobilize the spine to allow disc pressure to decrease, hence taking pressure off nerve roots and decreasing patient radicular pain, lumbar bracing is considered medically necessary.

Does insurance cover DME In Kingston WA?

Yes. Most insurance carriers do cover DME including Medicare. Medical necessity for DME varies among insurance carriers, therefore a thorough exam must be performed before any DME is prescribed or fitted.

DME in Kingston WA

  • DME and BCBS
  • DME and CIGNA
  • DME and AETNA
  • DME and United Healthcare


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