Shoulder Pain and Natural Solutions in Kingston WA

Shoulder Pain and Natural Solutions in Kingston WA

Shoulder Pain and Natural Solutions in Kingston WA

Common causes of shoulder pain in Kingston WA can range from rotator cuff syndrome to shoulder impingement syndrome…. The shoulder is a very complex joint with a unique tendon/muscle relationship; thus many things can go wrong with this joint.

The key to proper treatment and success in the shoulder is directly connected to diagnosing the condition with precision.

In this blog, I’m going to present 4 causes of shoulder pain and simple home solutions to decrease the pain.

1.) Frozen Shoulder in Kingston WA

Frozen shoulder can be painful and debilitating, it can affect every activity of daily living from lifting a coffee mug to reaching for a shelf. The most popular home treatment is to increase active range of motion by creating circles with an extended arm. Start with big circles and then end with small circles. One cycle should take about 30 seconds and repeat counterclockwise daily.

2.) Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Four tendons make up the rotator cuff. This is a quite common problem associated with repetitive stress and acute trauma. In most cases some form of intervention is needed for optimal recovery. But in mild circumstances, utilizing ice to decrease the inflammation around the tendon is helpful at decreasing pain and increasing active and passive range of motion.

3.) Shoulder Sprain/Strain

The shoulder is a joint therefore it experiences injuries such as a sprain/strain injury, like when you are in a car accident with your neck in whiplash. Highly effective treatment for shoulder sprain/strain include home stretches to keep the joints moving that are tailored around non-weight bearing options. Internal and external rotation with no weights is one way to increase healing to the shoulder joint.

4.) Labrum Tear

This is one of the more complicated conditions affecting the shoulder joint. The goal is to avoid long-term issues by strengthening the intrinsic muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. Labral tears can lead to shoulder dislocations and chronic shoulder pain. The best way to strengthen the intrinsic muscles surrounding the shoulder is by doing internal and external light weight bearing motions in multiple positions/planes.

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