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What is a process when a patient has debilitating knee pain or joint pain? Typically, the patient goes to their primary doctor and they are scheduled for a MRI, and they are sent home with a prescription for pain medications to get through the day and the make it through the duties of work. Once the MRI results come in, usually a surgical consultation is scheduled and that is when a patient is stuck with the dilemma of choosing permit surgery versus living with the pain.

There has to be a better way!

Stem cell therapy and Regenerative Medicine in Kingston has made breakthroughs for chronic pain sufferers in terms of reducing pain and improving joint motion so patients can function and get their life back.

Commonly asked questions about stem cells in Kingston:

What type of stem cells are used at your office?
Umbilical Cord Tissue.

Does insurance cover Stem Cells?
Most carriers do not cover Stem Cells.

Are the injections guided?
Yes, we utilize ultrasound guided machines to pinpoint injection site.

Is this process painful?
No, there is some discomfort with an injection like any other injection.

Commonly treated conditions:

If you are in a situation where you are relying on daily pain meds to get through the day ask yourself….Is there a better way? Call Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic in Kingston today!

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