Fibromyalgia Solutions in Silverdale

Fibromyalgia Solutions in Silverdale

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Fibromyalgia in Silverdale is an often debilitating condition characterized by widespread body pain and is one of the most common conditions affecting individuals. This disease affects anywhere from two to four percent of the population in the United States and mainly affects women. Fibromyalgia is an often misdiagnosed and heavily misunderstood disorder that many believe is caused by the interaction of the pain processing signals from your brain and spinal cord. Fibromyalgia symptoms are widespread and may include: Pain, twitching, muscle tightness, fatigue, insomnia, low pain thresholds, depression, anxiety, nervousness, and other symptoms that affect the overall feeling of the body. There are no specific tests to diagnose fibromyalgia, but an individual may be more likely to get fibromyalgia if;

  • You are a woman
  • You have arthritis
  • You have an infection
  • A history of anxiety or depression
  • You have suffered emotional or physical abuse
  • You have PTSD
  • Lack of physical exercise

Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

Sufferers of fibromyalgia may also experience extreme tenderness to the touch, numbness or tingling in the hands, TMJ, and digestive disorders. Doctors will identify fibromyalgia based on a client's history, blood test and a physical examination. While you can suffer from fibromyalgia at any age, it is more common in middle aged adults and seniors. Although there are some doubters to the severity and even the existence of fibromyalgia, research has shown a correlation with brain perfusion (blood flow irregularities) and fibromyalgia symptoms. Patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia have these blood flow irregularities and symptom severity was directly coordinated with perfusions. More often than not doctors are finding that patients presenting symptoms of fibromyalgia have an underlying emotional component in the form of; stress, depression, or anxiety. While often misunderstood, there is strong evidence that proves fibromyalgia to be a real condition that affects a large portion of the population physically and emotionally.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Options in Silverdale WA

While there is no specific cure for fibromyalgia, there are many safe and natural treatments that help mitigate the associated symptoms. Treatments that may be considered involve an emotional component to improve anxiety, depression, etc. as well as a physical component to soothe pain related symptoms. Emotional repair is often the first area to address. Techniques such as the emotional freedom technique (EFT) that encompasses the mind and body connection and has been practiced throughout many generations is often an effective tool. Dietary changes that eliminate inflammatory foods along with an increase in exercise can also mitigate symptoms. Exercise may be hard for an individual suffering from fibromyalgia, but is pivotal in keeping the circulatory and muscular systems operating and has been shown to decrease pain. Other treatments that have been proven effective in relieving fibromyalgia symptoms are massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and laser treatments that stimulate damaged cells. A combination of these treatments is the most effective method in treating patient symptoms and different methods may work better for each individual. Research continues on the underlying causes and most effective treatments and patients should consult their doctor in order to find the most effective treatments for their needs.

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